8 Catholic Reading Lists in 1

Finally, have at your fingertips in one place an important resource to further your children's education...

Do You Find Yourself Wondering What Would Be A Good Book For Your Child To Read Next? Ever Wish You Could Just Go Look In One Place For A Trusted Reading List?

From: Isa Skrobola
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dear Fellow Teacher,

A number of years ago I got frustrated with having to look at a lot of different recommended reading lists from Catholic sources.  Wouldn't it be great if all the major reading lists from well-known (and a few lesser known) Catholic sources were in one place?  

I decided to compile such a list myself, and spent a year getting it ready and fine-tuning it. 

I was initially just doing this for myself, but I quickly saw the value of offering it to others.  

This is the first time I've put up a website for the 8 Catholic Reading Lists in 1 that I've compiled.  As you keep reading, I'll give you more detailed information about the Reading List.


Where Do The Reading Lists Come From?

The following are a list of the Catholic sources I used spanning K-12th grade:

  • The Angelicum Academy (Nursery-12th grade)
  • Bethlehem Books (K-12th grade, from A Landscape with Dragons)
  • Catholic Authors (9th-12th grade)
  • Classical Curriculum from Laura Berquist’s DYOCC (4th-12th grade)
  • Catholic Scholars Online (K-6th grade)
  • Kolbe Academy (K-12th grade)
  • Seton Home School (K-12th grade)
  • Spiritus Sanctus Academy based in Michigan and run by the

        Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (K-8th grade)

Why Get The 8 in 1 Catholic Reading List?

  • The 8 in 1 Catholic Reading List comes from trusted sources.
  • It provides a wide variety of recommended reading (i.e. quality literature books, historical fiction, books with religious themes, etc...).
  • It saves time, since everything is in one place.  
  • It is thorough and contains a complete list from each provider.  
  • The way I set it up makes it easy to find information and easy to read. 
  • It covers all the grades (K-12th). 

Find Out What Others Are Saying About The 8 in 1 Catholic Reading List...

“Thank you so much for the excellent list!!!  Wow, it will be a great resource to have for many, many years as I homeschool my children…thank you!!”                    Linda


 “Thank you so much for this incredible resource.  God bless you for this!  It has saved me from doing the same work.”             Lara


“Awesome work!  Thanks so much for offering this to us!  I’m a former middle school English/Language Arts teacher, so I totally understand the value and intensity of the work you’ve done.”                    Jenny

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