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Do you want to make an importance difference in your child's life?

Welcome to the Child Fluency site!  I want to offer you a practically free way to greatly improve your child's or student's retention of what they learn.  Amazingly there is virtually no information on this unique method in homeschooling circles or in public education.

How could such an easy to implement, highly successful educational method go below the radar of practically everyone?

I set out to compile everything I could on this method, and started using it with my own children.  I saw the great value of it, and the tremendous benefits that other teachers would derive from it.  I decided I couldn't keep the valuable information secret any longer and created this website.

Why I Want You To Have This Knowledge

Too many students are falling through the cracks.  Too many students are not working up to their potential.  I want to start changing this one student at a time.

I want you and your students to have extra time to pursue other interests, instead of reviewing the same thing year after year.

I want to save you the money and effort it takes to keep changing curriculums in the hope of finding the golden nugget.  With the Child Fluency Method you can use any curriculum and achieve the same great results.

I want to reduce your frustration and your student's frustration, and outline an easy process that can be learned very quickly.

Not only is The Child Fluency Method easy to learn and implement, but it's based on a system that has a 40 year record of proven success!

Help Your Child Reach His Full Potential

Discover three things that separate the expert student learners from the beginners. (p.9)
Increase achievement test scores by 20-40 percentile points—proven by research! (p. 17)
Discover the way to increase your student’s attention spans and decrease distractibility. (p. 15)
Learn what is missing from the U.S. grading system. (pp. 15-17)
Positively change the way your students view mistakes. (pp. 16-17)
Discover why knowing a skill doesn’t mean your child has mastered it. (p. 16)
Find out what the two learning channels for behavior are. (p. 20)
Find out how to easily increase your student’s achievement. (p. 22)
Learn why students who know a skill, may have difficulty with it in a real world setting, and how to avoid this.  (pp. 27-28)
Know when your child has become an expert in a particular skill.
(pp. 49-55)

I put together the Child Fluency ebook which explains the whole method along with the Arithmetic Fluency Packet and the Reading Fluency Packet.  In the Arithmetic Fluency Packet I include comprehensive tips and almost 200 fluency pages.  After your child goes through the Arithmetic Fluency Packet, he'll be adding and subtracting fluently!  If your child already knows how to add and subtract well, you can still use the packet to increase your child's computational speed to a fluent level.  

The Arithmetic Fluency Packet

What are the three stages children go through in learning math?
How do the math stages work?
What four things do Kindergarteners need to know before going on in math?
What is the best way for Kindergarteners to learn the four things they need to know?
What are six different ways that a child can learn how to do addition and subtraction?
What are more than five strategies that your child can do in order to more easily learn addition and subtraction?
What is one way to deal with slow progress that doesn't seem to make sense?

The Reading Fluency Packet

Find out the four step process common to most reading programs
Uncover the best ways to get your child ready for reading (it doesn't even have to do with reading instruction).
Discover the crucial element a child must have start before they start reading.
Get ideas on how to best teach your child to read using all their senses.
How your child can quickly become fluent in 50% of the words we read.
Find out how you can quickly assess your student's reading ability.
How you can ensure that your child becomes a fluent reader (everything you need is included).

I'm including The Child Fluency E-book, The Reading Fluency Packet, and The Arithmetic Fluency Packet all together for $7.97 with a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

The Child Fluency Method, The Reading Fluency Packet, & The Arithmetic Fluency Packet all for $7.97!
If For ANY REASON you are not pleased with
   The Child Fluency Method…
I’LL Return Your Money!

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